Ordering and Pricing

We create our custom jewelry pieces one at a time, so the majority of items in our Inspiration Gallery are one-of-a-kind pieces being worn by our clients who designed them with us.

The exceptions to this are the pieces in our jewelry series, our RedStart Basics. Sterling silver versions of these pieces are generally in stock, or easily produced.

The price range for each series is:

Stream Series: $90 - $350
Bone Series: $100 - $320
Vine Series: $350 - $450
Petals Series: $90 - $170
Bubbles Series: $110 - $140
Miscellaneous: $120 - $200

Please contact us for specific pricing information or to order one of these pieces. Any of these pieces can be made in a variety of gold alloys, palladium or platinum. We are happy to generate a quote for you based on the current metals-market prices. If you need to determine your ring size, here's a method to find your approximate size at home.

Our other RedStart Basics, our Neighborhood Rings and Water Rings, are all custom made. Though we have examples of many of these designs at our workshop, if you are interested in one of these designs your piece will be custom made for you.

If you want an already-produced Neighborhood Ring, a selection are available for sale at three San Francisco galleries: D & H Sustainable Jewelers, Manika Jewelry, and Gallery of Jewels.

The cost of these rings will depend both on the size of the piece and the cost of the materials. Working with these existing designs will be less expensive than a fully custom project.

A fully custom project whose design starts from scratch will have a minimum cost of about $1000 and (not including gemstones) is unlikely to cost more than $5000. Learn more about the custom design process.