Our Story

Founded in San Francisco in 2004, RedStart is run by Amanda Knox Sather and Sara Shaughnessy who began collaborating as graduate students at Stanford University (Design and Mechanical Engineering, respectively).

RedStart Design originated from our desire to create jewelry lines reflecting our aesthetic vision that were both meaningful and wearable. Many of these pieces are now a part of our Basics. As our skill set grew with experience, we found ourselves becoming not just better designers, but increasingly interested in helping clients translate custom requests into truly unique pieces.

Fortunately, our broad design abilities and open approach suited the needs of a growing clientele who were looking for pieces that they could not find anywhere else.

Today, we primarily focus on custom work. Each day brings new clients to engage us and new projects to challenge us.

Third co-founder Kim Hoffmann has gone on to run the Segal Design Institute at Northwestern University.

Our Brand

RedStart Design and our bird logo were inspired by a woodland songbird, the redstart... more »

For branding, style guidelines, and more information, see our media kit.

Our Process

We will combine your ideas and story with our vision, craft and skill to create a one-of-a-kind piece. Find out how our process works and what to expect.