A Note from Cody & Robyn

By Amanda S. / Sep. 26, 2014

This sweet message comes to us from a great couple we worked with earlier this year, Cody and Robyn. Thanks, and congratulations to you both! — Amanda

We first connected with the RedStart ladies to design an engagement ring. Robyn had no idea what she wanted and finding a perfect ring in the marketplace seemed an impossible task.

From our first meeting, it was clear that they were a perfect match for the task at hand. We went through hundreds of drawings and pictures of patterns and styles of rings to establish Robyn's preferences. Amanda and Sara then combined the various elements identified as important into drawings of custom engagement rings.

We received a dozen drawings which we crossed-out, altered and combined before Sara started working on the CAD model. They helped us source a great deal on a diamond and after eleven alterations to the 3D model, we had the Perfect Design! We left on vacation and upon our return, one week ahead of schedule, we had the Perfect Ring including detailed engravings made by a local artisan which exceeded our expectations.

The final product was the perfect physical interpretation of the engagement ring Robyn had imagined. We highly recommend RedStart Design for any custom jewelry work!

— Cody

You can see Cody & Robyn's ring right here.
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