The Subtle Safety™ Story

By Sara S. / Sep. 4, 2014

RedStart’s first product, the Subtle Safety™ Defensive Ring, was designed as a reminder for women to make safe choices.

Attackers rarely strike indiscriminately; they look for an easy target. A woman who projects confidence and direction is less likely to be targeted. To give the wearer confidence on a dark walk home, the Subtle Safety Ring can be worn across three fingers and replaces the common practice of a woman placing her keys between her fingers.

Subtle Safety Ring when open

When we debuted the ring in 2004, the response wasn’t exactly…subtle. Beyond shout-outs from Gizmodo, Daily Candy, the Chicago Tribune, and other blogs and publications, the Subtle Safety™ Defensive Ring was invited to join an exhibition at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, where today it resides in the permanent collection

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